Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hot Pink Cast

As you can see, Rachel's ankle is now encased in a brand new hot pink cast. Her ankle is cracked at the growth plate and possibly chipped too. The Ortho Dr sent her for a CT scan and new x-ray for review at her next appt. on Wednesday.

The current plan is for her to wear this cast and use the crutches for the next 6-8 weeks. Rachel was able to get these jeans off without us having to cut them. Thank goodness for stretch jeans. Looks like she will be wearing shorts and loose fitting pants for a while. Posted by Picasa

Close-up of Cast

Close-up of Rachel's new hot pink cast. Posted by Picasa

Bailey's Headache Relief?

Bailey was complaining of a headache and was using this volleyball kneepad to make her head feel better. LOL Posted by Picasa

Our Little Climber

Natalie got caught climbing the ladder I had set up to get into the attic. Posted by Picasa

Look how high she got!

Look how high she was able to get! We laid the ladder down on it's side after I finished puttting boxes in the attic. Posted by Picasa

Natalie can "Write"

Natalie loves to "write" on the Magna Doodle. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Status of Rachel's Ankle

Last Thursday, we were told when we left the ER that Rachel's x-ray would be viewed the next day by a radiologist and if there was problem, then we would get a call. Today, we got a letter from the ER. A letter that had been mailed on Monday. It said that the x-rays had been viewed by a radiologist and that it was important that we call so they could speak to us about the results.

Joe called and was told that a bone in her ankle was cracked after all. He was told that it was not out of alignment, but that we should make a follow-up appt with Orthopedics. I picked up the x-rays tonight and Rachel has an appt on Monday morning.

Why didn't the ER call? It seems crazy that they would send a letter. I guess if it was a bad break, they would have called, so I can only hope that the damage is not so bad. I guess we'll all see on Monday. As of last night, she has started to put weight on the ankle. Today she went to school without the crutches, but still wearing the air cast. Tonight it was hurting her more, but that's probably from walking on it all day, rather than from the knowledge that it's cracked.

Mallory plays on the HS Volleyball Team

Doesn't she look good in her volleyball uniform? Posted by Picasa

Is she yawning?

Mallory gets ready to play. Posted by Picasa

Good looking Serve

Mallory serves the ball. Posted by Picasa

A setter in the making?

NOT - Mallory sets a high ball. Posted by Picasa

Great action shot!

But, did one of them get it? Mallory thinks that it went between them. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Bailey during warmups

Bailey's in front as her team warms up. Bailey is playing on a coach pith softball team and I am the coach. Posted by Picasa

The team waits to bat

The team is warmed up and ready to bat. Bailey is the 2nd girl from the left. Posted by Picasa

Bailey at 1st base

Bailey got to play 1st base for 2 innings. Posted by Picasa

Sarah as Catcher

Sarah played catcher for only one inning. She asked me not to have her play catcher again when it was so hot. If I had to guess, the temp was in the 90's with heat index in the 100's. It was very hot outside today, especially in the catcher's gear. Posted by Picasa

Coach Karen

What a great looking coach! Posted by Picasa

Bailey at Bat

Bailey takes a turn at bat. Can you find the ball in this picture? Posted by Picasa

Bailey as Catcher

Bailey played catcher for one inning. She did a great job. Here she chases after an errant ball. Posted by Picasa

One of our many fans

We had lots of fans. Ashleigh is Sarah's older sister. She plays on the same team as Taylor & Rachel. Posted by Picasa

Rachel enjoys the shade

Rachel has decided that this spot in the shade is much nicer than one in the hot, hot sun. Posted by Picasa

Peel me some grapes

Natalie chilled out in the shade and ate some grapes. She walked about 30 feet at the end of the game to get from the shade to me. Posted by Picasa

Heat Stroke?

The heat was obviously affecting some of the fans more than others. Posted by Picasa

Joseph on the Bench

Joseph was enjoying the bench all to himself while the girls were out on the field. Posted by Picasa

Natalie & Adam

Natalie found a comfortable seat on Adam. Thanks for keeping her out of my hair during the game. Posted by Picasa

Natalie & Mallory

Mallory also helped to keep track of Natalie during the game. Most of the pictures were taken by Rachel or Mallory. Posted by Picasa