Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Rachel and I stopped by Foamhedge on our way home from Ferrum College.
It's located near Natural Bridge, VA
There is a exact replica of Stonehedge made out of huge foam block located on the top of this hill. See Rachel in front of the right most block.
Close-up of Rachel
Another structure
Rachel helps to hold up two of the stones

Ferrum College Open Gym

Showing off her hitting ability
More hitting drills
Everyone got to show off their setting ability
Rachel did better than most
They also did some passing drills

Rachel at the Irish Rumble

Rachel hits outside
Rachel blocks at the net
Rachel runs a quick in the middle
Another pound on the ball

Irish Rumble - Day 2

Rachel at the net
Rachel's hitting was awesome
Rachel on the right side
Asleep in between matches
Rachel and Leah are a force to reckon with at the net

Basketball Playoffs

Bailey on the defensive
Bailey gets the rebound - no one else is even close
Bailey got to shoot a free throw

Bailey at UVA

Bailey helping to ref a match
Bailey's team all lined up
Waiting for the ball
Bailey passes the ball