Sunday, September 24, 2006

Latest Hair Style

I don't think that Rachel will ever be happy with her hair. She seems to want to change it every other day. This picture was taken of Rachel by Rachel. Big surprise there. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Another Girl Scout?

Bailey has recently become the 4th Stratton to become a Girl Scout. She started her scouting adventure last week by attending her first Brownie meeting. Next weekend, she gets to go on her first camping trip at a local speedway. They will be having a dance the first night, sleeping in tents in the in field, and watching some racing the next afternoon. She is very excited about being a Girl Scout. Posted by Picasa

Doing Homework

Taylor wanted me to take a picture of her doing her homework. Posted by Picasa

New Growth?

Rachel seems to have this new weird growth attached to the side of her head since she got a ceel phone for her birthday. LOL Posted by Picasa

What a Great Looking Face

I simply could not pass up this picture. What a great face!!! Posted by Picasa

Last Day in the Pool

After Joe refilled the pool, the water was cold and a little dirty. At 70 degrees, Joe thought that the kids could get in the pool and stir up the stuff at the bottom of the pool. They got in for a little bit, but it was too cold to stay in for long. Posted by Picasa

Cleanup Crew

It took Joseph the longest to get in the pool, but once he did, he helped Bailey stir up the dirt and leaves at the bottom of the pool. Posted by Picasa

The Water was Very Cold

Bailey thought that the pool was cold at first, but did get in for a while and swim around. Posted by Picasa

Tooo Cold

Natalie definitely thought that the pool was waaay tooo cold to swim and got out immediately. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Happy 14th Birthday!

Rachel will be 14 this week, so she had her birthday party on Saturday. She and her friends hung out in the backyard for the afternoon. She seemed happy about the party. We gave her a cell phone and a working digital camera, she got lots of weird things from her friends. Posted by Picasa

Rachel's Party Cake!

Joe brought out the cake to Rachel and her party guests. Posted by Picasa

Rachel Cuts the Cake

Rachel got to cut her own cake so I could dish out the ice cream. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back to School

Mallory and Rachel were the first to go, both are off to HS together. Posted by Picasa

Mallory - 11th Grade

 Posted by Picasa

Rachel - 9th Grade

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Joseph - 4th Grade & Bailey - 1st Grade

Bailey woke up at 5:02am when Rachel's alarm clock went off. She was so excited about the first day of school that she couldn't go back to sleep. Posted by Picasa

Too Cool for School?

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Natalie - Preschool

Natalie was ready to go out the door as soon as she had her backpack on her back. I made her first day of school outfit myself. I thought it turned out very cute! Posted by Picasa

Waiting for the Bus

 Posted by Picasa

Getting on the Bus

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All Buckled In

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Taylor - 6th Grade

Taylor was very excited to be starting middle school this year. Her bus was the last to come, she had to wait over an hour after Natalie's bus.Posted by Picasa

Doesn't She Look Nice?

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Monday, September 04, 2006


Natalie made monster faces at me when I tried to take her picture this afternoon. Posted by Picasa

Camo Slipper Sock

In between cleaning the closet under the steps, the room over the garage and Joseph's room, I knitted this slipper sock for Joseph in three evenings. Posted by Picasa