Sunday, April 30, 2006

Opening Day

Today was opening day for the spring sports season. Each team played a one inning game. Bailey is playing her second season of coach pitch softball. Each girl gets up to 5 pitches to hit the ball. Bailey got 2 tips before hitting the ball on the last pitch. She said that she hit the ball because she didn't want to have to sit down. She also got to play 1st base. I pitched today because the coach wasn't there and I am the assistant coach. Posted by Picasa

A Triple for Joseph

Joseph is playing his second season of kid pitch baseball. He hit a triple today, but he only got to second base because the kid ahead of him stopped running at third instead of running home. Joe is the assistant coach for Joseph's team. The coach pitched today and will for the first three games before the kids take over. It gets harder to get a hit once the kids start pitching because their pitches are not always very accurate. There are lots of walks and lots of strike outs. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Littlest Performer

Natalie warms up for the show. Posted by Picasa

Variety Show 2006

The elementary talent show was tonight. Taylor, Joseph, Bailey and Natalie sang and danced to Zippity-Doo-Dah. They did a great job. Natalie stole the show, she was so cute. Posted by Picasa

A Star is Born

Natalie was the hit of the act. She seemed to love being on stage and performing in front of everyone. She is such a ham. Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 24, 2006

Gymnastics Today

Taylor had her final meet today, near Richmond, before the State meet next month. Mallory had a volleyball tournament yesterday in Richmond, so we picked her up from the volleyball club and spent the night in a hotel. The hotel was across the street from a mall so we spent the evening walking around and shopping for bargins. I had all the kids with me except for Rachel. It was an average meet for Taylor, but still good practice before States. As you can see from her blue ribbon, she scored an all around total greater than 35, she got 36.525 today. Her best score today was a 9.6 on the vault. Posted by Picasa

At the Park

We spent about an hour at the park today waiting for Taylor's meet to start. I knew that the kids had to burn off some excess energy before being cooped up in the gym all afternoon. Natalie and Mallory posed for a group hug. Posted by Picasa

Look at my Muscles

Mallory told Joseph that she could cross the monkey bars because she has big muscles. LOL Posted by Picasa

Legs Sticking Out

Taylor was trying other ways to hang from the bars. I asked her to try and hold her legs out straight. She was able to hold this pose for only a few seconds. Good Job Taylor. Posted by Picasa

Tongue Sticking Out

Whenever Joseph concentrates hard, his tongue sticks out. He could only get a few bars across the monkey bars. Posted by Picasa

Tummy Sticking Out

Bailey just could not get across the monkey bars. Posted by Picasa

Eating Again?

Natalie eating Pringles at the park. Posted by Picasa

Rachel's First Volleyball Game

Rachel had her first rec volleyball match on Saturday. Her team won the first two out of three games. The game she was in was over fast as the other team returned very few of the serves so I didn't get to see her play very much. Hopefully I will get to see at least one other match as many of her matches conflict with Bailey's softball games. Posted by Picasa


It looks like Natalie was showing me a bugger, but she had gotten grease on her hands from under the bleachers. Posted by Picasa

My Little Ones?

I like this pictures of my three little ones. Although, two of my little ones are getting too big to be called little ones anymore. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Water Everywhere

I woke up at 3am this morning and noticed that the night light was out in the bathroom. That usually means that the fuse in the garage has tripped. I can't leave it like that until morning because one of the fridges in the garage is plugged into the same circuit. When I turned on the light the garage, I saw water all over the floor. The water heater had busted its seams and was gushing water all over the place. So I stayed home from work today and Joe and I spend the morning cleaning everything out of the garage so that Lowe's could get to the old one and install a new one. We are now the proud new owners of an 80 gallon hot water heater. Woo Hoo!
Posted by Picasa

Old Water Heater

The old busted 50 gallon water heater. Posted by Picasa

Yard Sale?

Everything out of the garage this morning around 10:30am. Of course, it started to rain about 10:35am, so by 11:00am we had about half of this stuff back in the garage. Anything that could stay in the rain, was left outside until about 6:00pm.Posted by Picasa

It looked bigger when it was empty

Finally, everything back in the garage around 10:30pm. Posted by Picasa

New Water Heater

Our new 80 gallon water heater. Posted by Picasa

Washing the dog

Rachel started out washing this pool and ended up washing the dog. Posted by Picasa

Where is she going?

I'm not sure where she was trying to go, but she was inching along the deck railing on her tummy. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Car Wash Fundraiser

Joseph, Bailey, Taylor, Natalie & I spent several hours today washing cars to raise money for the competetive teams at Tae Kwon Do. It was a beautiful sunny day and all of us got some great color added to our cheeks and arms. Bailey was also supposed to try out for the demonstration team that Joseph is already on. The instructor who was supposed to do that never showed up because he had some car trouble.

Lisa, Rachel & Mackenzie

Lisa is visiting from Spain to see her new grandbaby, Mackenzie. When she left for Spain, Rachel was a whole head shorter than her. As you can see, Rachel is almost as tall as Lisa now. Posted by Picasa

Thanks Levi !!!

Joseph got this very cool puppy decoration from his good friend Levi who now lives in Spain. Joseph said that Levi is the puppy on the left because that one is taller than the other one.Posted by Picasa

Mallory the Coolest!

Mallory got this cool new hat last night while we were out shopping. She did not feel so cool today as she spent the entire day alternating between her bed and the bathroom. She finally got the stomach virus that ran through the house earlier this week.Posted by Picasa