Monday, March 26, 2007

Volleyball Filled Weekend

Mallory, Rachel and Taylor all played on different teams at five different locations in and around Williamsburg this weekend.

Taylor usually plays on a 12 year old team, but moved up to play with the 13 year old team for this tournament. Taylor did great for someone who is just learning how to play. Her team did not do so great, they didn't win a single game, but Taylor did get to play a lot.

Rachel's team only won two games on Satuday, but came back on Sunday winning three out of four games in the morning to make it into the top playoff bracket. In the playoffs, the team from Saturday came back and they lost, but at least won one out of the three games in the match. Rachel is showing great improvement from the beginning of the season. She will become a stronger player as her confidence in her ability to play builds.

Mallory had her best tournament yet. Joe saw more of her games than I did, but he said she was an all-city contentor this weekend. He got lots of great video footage so we can start working on her college video footage for this summer/fall. I will get to see more of her games when I download the video to the computer tonight. Her team also lost in the first round of playoffs. Mallory was disappointed to go out so quickly after playing so strongly in previous matches.

We have next weekend off from volleyball and then we have volleyball for the next three weekends after that. Taylor should play with the 13's team again on Apr. 7th. Mallory plays on the 14th. Rachel and Taylor both play on the 21st.

Monday, March 19, 2007

One Fish, Two Fish ...

Taylor got a betta fish
Rachel got a betta fish too
So now we have eight people, one dog and two fish at our house

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ring Dance

Mallory & Cameron - dressed to the nines for the ring dance
Mallory pins on Cameron's boutonniere
Mallory got a wrist corsage
Mallory's class ring

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Talent Show Tryouts

Joseph and Bailey tried out last week for a part in the Elementary school's annual talent show. Natalie will also perform with them, but she was not feeling well that day, so she did not try out with them. Well, they made it. So now they have to practice their act at home and at school. They are singing and dancing to "Life is a Highway" from the movie "Cars". Joseph did a great job coming up with dance moves to go with the music. Now all we have to do is teach his moves to Bailey. Natalie will just follow along and try and do whatever they are doing on stage. I also want to find some "Cars" pillow panels so I can make them each a t-shirt with a large "Cars" character on it. The talent show is not until the end of April so at least I have some time to get our act together.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Where's the Party?

This is just a fraction of paper that was thrown around the house while Taylor and one of her friends were supposed to be babysitting Natalie. The two girls got into a shredded paper fight with Joseph and covered most of downstairs with 1-3 inches of paper. They even shredded more paper when they ran out of paper that was already shredded.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Weekend of Volleyball

Taylor in mid-air.
Taylor makes the save.
Ready to switch.
Great hitting form.
Another hit.

More Volleyball

Mallory was the ref for Taylor's game.
Mallory attempts to block.
Great height and arm swing.

Even More Volleyball

Mallory, Rachel and I drove out to Charlottesville Saturday night for an all day volleyball tournament on the UVA campus. Mallory's team came in 2nd in their group and Rachel's team came in 3rd. Both teams played well and a good time was had by all.

Rachel closes the block.
Rachel needs to straighten her arms when blocking.
Mallory has great hang time.
Mallory doesn't miss many serves.
Mallory knows how to spread out and protect the net.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Family Tradition

Following the rest of her siblings, Bailey is the 5th Stratton to be selected by her teacher to be this month's Special Me.
Natalie wanted to get her picture taken by the sign with Bailey.


Natalie & Bailey
Taylor & Rachel
Rachel & Natalie

Middle School Volleyball

Taylor at one of her first middle school volleyball games. She got to play in one of the three games they played that day. The coach put everyone from the bench in for that game. Usually the 6th graders don't get to play. The team is getting new uniforms next year. They keep them for six years before they are replaced. Mallory wore one of these same uniforms when she played there.