Friday, May 23, 2008


1st place
WTG Blue Crush!!!
What a block!
Rachel was a blocking machine.

Rachel blocked many, many balls.
Rachel got good at directing the ball when she blocked it.
She didn't do too bad in the hitting department either.

Volleyball Videos

Rachel Can Hit!!!

Double Block

Solo Block

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Looking for Rocks?

The coach must be telling the kids where the good rocks are.
Natalie looks around for a good spot.
Natalie and another teammate find a good supply of rocks here.
Good Rocks.
Oh wait, I'm supposed to be playing baseball out here.

Natalie Loves Batting

Natalie waves to her adoring fans!
Natalie usually swings too late.
Clobbering the tee.
Getting a hit.
Running to first.

Hitting off the Tee

Natalie hit off the tee and ran to first base.

Finding Second

Natalie can finally get to second base without any help from any of the parents.

Running to Third

Natalie doesn't run very fast, but she gets there every time.

Running Home

Natalie running home, she now sits on home plate
every time because she saw another player slide.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More T-Ball

Natalie got to play first base.
Natalie actually hit a pitched ball.
Natalie loves running home the best.
Is there supposed to be something in here?

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Record Jump

Taylor jumped her personal best distance: 13 ft 1in

T-Ball Fun

Bailey and I took Natalie to this week's T-ball game.
Rachel passed the time helping out in the concession stand.
Natalie waits her turn to bat. She doesn't like to wear her hat.
"My turn"
Natalie knows to swing when the ball is patched.
Natalie is getting good at hitting the ball off the tee.
Natalie doesn't like to stand on the bases. The first baseman
looked like he was wondering what she was doing down there.
On third, she was looking in the outfield.
When she got home she thought it was time for her to bat again.

I just love this picture.

Playing Dressup?

Rachel took some time out of her busy schedule
to play dress up with Natalie and Bailey.
Twirling Bailey
Twirling Natalie
Swinging Natalie
Rachel strikes a pose.
Monkey see, monkey do.
Close-up of Rachel and Bailey
Natalie and Rachel
Beauty queen? Who me?

Regional Championships - Day 1

Taylor had a great serving day. She served 10 aces in a row,
4 to finish off one game and 6 to start the next game.
Taylor is getting better every tournament.
Great block!
The sky's the limit.
Can we say split jump?
Taylor's team came in second place in the region.
Their coach got to hand out the medals.
Good job Red Hots!

Good job Taylor!