Saturday, August 16, 2008

Strider Mile

Taylor and Bailey ran in a one mile run today.
The run was for all ages, the three runners behind Taylor were all 50+
Taylor ran in the heat before Bailey.
Taylor after one lap.
Taylor on the final sprint to the finish line.
Taylor finished with a time of 7:32.
Taylor came in 3rd in the girls 13 and under division.
Bailey after one lap.
Bailey after lap three. The boy in pink is Bailey's best friend Isaiah.
Isaiah finished with a time of 8:04.
Bailey during the final sprint to the finish line.
Bailey finished with a time of 11:16. Her legs were very tired.
Great job to all of the runners!!!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Bailey's Birthday Party

Since Bailey's birthday is in the winter, we decided to
wait until summer to have a pool party with her friends.
Blowing out candles
Eating cake
More cake
Bailey makes a cool present
She got a dinosaur webkin
She got a Littlest Pet Shop set
I painted a purse shaped bank for her
She got a very cool backpack with wheels for school
She got a very big Birthday Care Bear

Pool Party

Bailey and her two best friends, Isaiah & Sarah
Joseph and his best friend, Levi
Kids enjoying the pool
Sarah & Bailey during their Washingtonian phase
This is as far as Freckles will get into the pool

Great Faces

Want a kiss?
Do you like my hair?
Cutie Pie!