Sunday, November 25, 2007

Natalie on her Trike

Natalie has gotten very good at riding her trike.
Taylor had to chase after her to keep up.

Four year old Point of View

Natalie got a hold of my camera again.
She took some pictures of her feet.
She took some pictures of Joseph.
She took some pictures of her daddy.
She took a picture of her grandpa.
She pushed Joseph down the stairs and then took his picture.
Joseph did not like that very much.
She took a picture of Joseph's eye.
She took a picture of Mallory in her room.

Boys in the Woods

Joe and Joseph went camping last weekend.

Joseph helped put up the tent.
Joseph helped to start the fire.

It got chilly when the sun went down.

It got colder as it got darker.
Joseph roasted marshmallows.
Joseph burned marshmallows.
Joe and Joseph took two hikes.One around the lake.
One in the woods.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Mallory is Legal (18)

Happy Birthday Mallory!!!Our baby turned 18 today at 6:05am. Mallory got a new phone and won $2 on the first lottery ticket she bought. She was very excited about both items. Mallory is enjoying her senior year but can't wait to graduate too. She has narrowed her college choices down to four and has been busily filling out applications online. She's working most days after school and loves having the extra money that brings in. High school volleyball has just ended and spring travel volleyball will start practicing soon. Mallory made one of the teams for the best volleyball club in the area. She was also chosen as assistant coach for the middle school volleyball team where Taylor plays. That season runs from the beginning of Feb. until the end of March. With as busy as she's going to be, graduation day will be here before she knows it.

Time for Cake!!!

Waiting for Cake
Silly spoon games
There we so many candles on the cake that
we had to a get waiver to light the cake because of the fire ban.
Yeah, Mallory blew them all out the first try!
Mallory had a hard time cutting the very frozen ice cream cake.

Daddy and his Girls

Mallory (18)
Rachel (15)
Taylor (12)
Bailey (7)
Natalie (4)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Mallory & Ryan

Mallory and Ryan (a cute couple)
Mallory & Ryan took Joseph & Natalie out to Trick or Treat
Did they see something scary?


Cowgirl and Commando
Rachel, Mallory, Ryan & Taylor (clockwise)

A view from Natalie level

I let Natalie have the camera one day.
Here are some of the pictures she took.
Shoes on the floor
Under a computer desk