Monday, March 27, 2006

Carnegie Hall

Mallory's HS band had the honor of being selected to play at Carnegie Hall. My Dad and I made the trip to NYC to see her play there. It's a once in a lifetime trip. Posted by Picasa

Very Excited

Mallory was very excited to be playing at Carnegie Hall. She always has to give be one of these big grins when I take her picture these days. Posted by Picasa

Times Square

This is me at Times Square. You have to visit there at night, it's just not the same during the day without all the lights. Posted by Picasa

More Times Square

This is my Dad at Times Square. Posted by Picasa

Men at Lunch atop a Skyscraper

I thought that this statue was cool. It was achored to the top of a pickup truck so it was mobile. Posted by Picasa

Three Generations in NYC

We met up with Mallory for a few minutes outside St. Patrick's Cathedral. She had left her wallet on the bus the night before and they were going to be shopping on 5th Ave. and she had NO money. What a tragedy! Posted by Picasa

St Patrick's Cathedral

This is St. Patrick's Cathedral taken from the top of Rockefeller Center.
Posted by Picasa

Empire State Building

This is the Empire State building taken from the top of Rockefeller Center. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Do you like my dress?

Natalie wore this cute dress for spring pictures at school. They are supposed to be full body poses. It will be interesting to see how they posed Natalie. Good thing that Natalie has chunky legs, it was in the low 40's this morning when I put her on the bus. I didn't want to put pants on her because the pictures were supposed to be a beach theme. Posted by Picasa

Static Electricity

Our new sofa generates lots of static electricity. Posted by Picasa

Trying to open fridge

Natalie can now open the fridge by pulling real hard on the door. Posted by Picasa

She got it open

Natalie is resting after all of her hard work to get the fridge open. Posted by Picasa

Getting something out

Natalie can reach everything on the bottom shelf in the door. Tonight she got a hold of the mustard. Fortunately she cannot get that bottle open yet. Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 20, 2006

Dancing with Mario

Joseph and Bailey were playing Mario Dance Revolution on the Game Cube this morning. Natalie kept messing them up by stepping on the dance pad, so they let her have her own turn. She looks like she knows what she's doing. Posted by Picasa

Bailey and Mario

Bailey takes a turn playing the Mario dance game. Posted by Picasa

Joseph too

Joseph was dancing along while Bailey played. Posted by Picasa

Having a Tandrum?

Natalie has started to have tandrums now when you try and take her hand and redirect her to something else. Her tandrums consist of her going totally limp with her body and collasping onto the floor. This picture was taken when I tried to keep Natalie from messing up Joseph's turn. It was taken mid tandrum. At least they are quite. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Who would not love this face?

Natalie is driving me crazy these days. I alternate between loving her more than anything and going insane trying to keep up with her as she wants to be on the go all the time these days. What happened to my little baby who would quitely go with me everywhere I needed to go? She's turned into a high energy toddler who never wants to stop. She spends her days trying to get out of all the places we've put her to keep her safe. She has recently learned to open the latch on the front screen door so we have to remember to close the front door or she escapes. She loves being outside. She has also become a little Houdini when it comes to carseat and stroller straps which makes taking her along more difficult. She has discovered a love of the arts and spends many waking hours looking for something to write on both herself and the walls. Ah the joys of having a 2 year old in the house again.Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Closure - Finally!

The closing of our house loan refinance was supposed to happen at 9:00am this morning. When I checked the answering machine at 8:40am, I heard two messages from the settlement company wanting to delay the signing of the loan papers. No one showed up at 9:00am and no one called this morning to reschedule the meeting. I decided to call the person who was coordinating all aspects of the loan. She called the settlement company and they called back and rescheduled the meeting for 7:00pm. The notary showed up on time and we took about 15 minutes to sign all the paperwork. We have until the 18th to cancel the loan so we have to wait until then to get our settlement check. We took some extra money out to pay off all of our credit card debt, get a new roof and new windows. The roof was done about 2 weeks ago and I need to get quotes from a couple of places for new windows. I know that we have a long way to go to be debt free, but I least it's mostly consolidated into one monthly payment. It seemed like everytime we turned around, something happened which looked like it was going to prevent this loan from closing. I'm glad that is done!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Passed Inspection

I just talked to Joe, who reported that the appraiser took some pictures and would report back that the water damage had been repaired. Woo Hoo! Now we can closed on our refinance as scheduled tomorrow.

Primed and Ready to go...

Joe put a coat of primer on the ceiling and the walls above the shower stall. Hopefully it's enough for the appraiser to pass the inspection so we can sign the refinaance paperwork on Wednesday. Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 13, 2006

Yeah - no more hole!

The ceiling is now patched with one coat of mud. I'm going to paint it with primer so it looks better when the appraiser comes out to re-inspect this room. The water damage is fixed and since Joe is going to paint and wallpaper this room, I don't want to spend too much time and energy on the patch job. Posted by Picasa

I got an idea!!

Rachel must have been playing around with Photoshop to create this cool picture. Posted by Picasa

Old Time Fun

With the temperatures reaching near 80 today, the kids decided to get the slip and slide out for some old fashioned water play. Taylor figured out how to get the camera to take black and white pictures and got this great shot of Bailey and Joseph. Bailey couldn't find a bathing suit, so she's wearing one of Joseph's with a t-shirt. Posted by Picasa

Slip and Crawl?

Natalie decided that it was safer to crawl down the slippery slide. Posted by Picasa

Rachel's Turn

Rachel takes her turn on the slip and slide. Posted by Picasa

Car Wash Open for Business?

The kids decided to wash the Surburban on Saturday since it was around 75 degrees and very sunny. Natalie is getting more soap on her rag. Posted by Picasa