Sunday, February 24, 2008

Natalie Cut Her Hair

Natalie decided to cut her hair tonight after her bath
Can you see where she cut it?
I'll have to take her tomorrow to get her bangs trimmed.
I decided to finish cutting the back of her hair.
Natalie wanted to get her picture taken with her Daddy.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Our newest granddaughter, Mia, was born on Valentine's Day.
Here she is with her sister, Melanie, and brother, Ryan.
Ryan with Mia and Melaine
Ryan and Mia
Melanie and Mia
Ryan and Melanie, two pigs in a blanket.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Volleyball on Capitol Hill

Mallory, Rachel, Taylor, myself and my dad spent the most part of three days playing/watching volleyball in Washington, DC last weekend. The girls stayed with their teams in three different hotels and I stayed with my dad and took the Metro into DC.

Rachel's Photos

Taylor's Photos

Our Littlest Valentine

Natalie pulled these sticky hearts off a party
project of Bailey's and decorated herself.

Another Teenager

Another teenager joins the Stratton house Yeah!!!
Taylor looks nice without her braces.
Taylor loves her new iPod.
Natalie liked the cake.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Birthday Times Two

I'm behind on the blog as we have been very busy so far this year.
Last week, we celebrated two birthdays at our house.
Don't the birthday boy & girl look great?
Joe's was Monday. He started back to work too, so that has added to the craziness while we adjust to him not being home in the afternoons to drive everyone around.
Bailey's was Tuesday. She's excited to be 8. We are going to put off her birthday party until this summer and pair her up with Joseph and have one big pool party. We did that a few years ago and it works great.

Volleyball Times Three

Travel volleyball has started again. We spend the last three weekend in Richmond and various tournaments. The girls are playing for three different organizations this year, which makes things a little more interesting, Lots of practice times throughout the week.Mallory is playing on an 18's team for Coastal VB Club.
Rachel is playing for a 15's team for TVA.
Taylor is playing for a 13's team for VBVBA.

Mallory's Team

Hitting the ball during warm ups.
Hitting the ball during a game.
Double block.
Serve receive.
Serving the ball.
Solo block.
Digging the ball.

Rachel's Team

Hitting the ball.
Serving the ball.
Fighting for the ball.
More blocking.

Taylor's Team

Getting ready to pass the ball.
Serving the ball.
Blocking the ball.
Watching other's hit the ball.
Hitting the ball.