Monday, June 30, 2008

Volleyball Nationals - Day Three

The team lost all three matches today. The team's overall attitude didn't improve until the third match of the day. While they lost, the games were much closer than the games played earlier in the day.The team had to greet the fans and other team at the beginning of each match. They exchanged gifts with the other team at the net as they shook hands. Our team gave out Red Hots candy.
Taylor had a lot of good hits.
This was a kill from the outside.
Look at that height.
Such determination.Trying to get a block.

Rodeo in Dallas

The volleyball team spent a relaxing evening at a rodeo.
Bucking Bulls
Kids ridng sheep
Bucking Broncos
This 13 year old cowgirl got the second best time.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Volleyball Nationals - Day Two

Taylor's team did much better today.
They only had two matches; they lost both games in the first match, but came back to win both games in the second match.
Taylor had some great hits today.

Taylor missed a few serves, but also got a few aces.
Taylor loves to block the ball.
Taylor is always a great sport, even when she sits on the bench.
She is one of the team's best cheerleaders.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Volleyball Nationals - Day One

Taylor's volleyball team is in Dallas, TX for Junior Olympic Nationals
While they did not win any games today, the last game of the day was so much better, maybe they will have a better day tomorrow.
Taylor got a few chances to hit the ball.

Taylor also got a few chances to block the ball.

And a few chances to serve the ball.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Texas is Hot!

I am in Fort Worth, Texas for three days for work before going to Dallas, Texas to watch Taylor play volleyball for four days. Taylor's team qualified for the Junior Olympics National tournament. I will being posting new pictures from the tournament everyday.

I was way behind on posting pictures from the last 3 weeks but I have caught up while out of town. Enjoy the following blog entries:

State Track Meet - Day One

Mallory, Rachel, Taylor and Bailey are running AAU track this summer. The first track meet of the summer was the state track meet. The top 8 finishers in each event are eligible to compete in the Regional track meet the middle of July. Bailey competed in the shot put (2nd place) & 100M dash. Taylor competed in the high jump (3rd place), long jump (3rd place), 100M hurdles (3rd place) & 200M hurdles (2nd place). Rachel ran the 400M dash. Mallory did the long jump and 800M run (4th place). I don't have the day one pictures here with me, so they will come later.

State Track Meet - Day Two

On the second day of the track meet, Mallory and Taylor competed in the long jump. The older girls went first, so Taylor jumped about an hour or more after Mallory.
Mallory is just getting the hang of jumping.
This jump earned Taylor third place for her age group.
Taylor has a lot to learn about jumping too.

Bailey - Meet 2

Bailey tried the long jump.
She was the tallest in the 100M dash.
What great form!
She did better in the 200M dash.

Taylor - Meet 2

Taylor came in third in the 100M hurdles.
Taylor did not have a good long jump day.
Taylor had a great high jump day.
She easily cleared 4 ft.
She took two tries to clear 4 ft 2 in.
She cleared 4 ft 4in on the first try.
She came in 4th, maybe she can clear 4 ft 6 in at the next meet.

Mallory - Meet 2

Mallory was a great spectator while she waited.
Mallory tried shot put for the first time.
It's not as easy as it looks.
She did good for her first time.
Final distance = 21 ft 6 in.

Little Cuties

Bailey and Natalie
I love Natalie's smile in this picture
Playing on the computer
Great eye shot here from Bailey

Friday, June 13, 2008

Joseph Graduates!!!

Joseph graduated from 5th grade!
Four down, two to go for this ceremony.

All of the kids had to stop on the bridge for a photo op.

The 5th graders all sang us a song at the end.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mallory Graduates!!!

Today, we attend the first of a long line of high school graduations.
One down, five more to go!
Mallory graduated with honors (GPA at least 3.0)
Mallory looks very excited to be getting her diploma.
Yeah Mallory!!!
Mallory and her boyfriend, Ryan.