Monday, July 26, 2010

Joseph's 13th Birthday

Joseph has joined the teenage world
Mallory got him a Red Sox hat and Bailey got him the mug
As a joke, we made Joseph's cake in a Thomas the Tank Engine pan
We added a 3 made of candles to Thomas' 1 to make 13
The sisters
Taylor, Rachel, Mallory, Natalie & Bailey

Indoor Karting

Joseph's best friend Levi's birthday is 6 days before Joseph's.
So I took them both to the local indoor karting place.
They were both taller than the maximum height for the smaller Jr cars.
But since they still fit in the cars, they let them drive.
Joseph looked cool in his red helmet
Levi & Joseph getting ready to race
Joseph getting ready to pass Levi on the straight away
Joseph loved go-karting

Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 1 - Epcot

Day 2 - Animal Kingdom

Dinner with Jimmy Ray

Day 3 - Hollywood Studios

Day 4 - Magic Kindom

Last Day of Vacation

On our last day in Orlando, some of us went putt-putt golfing in the morning,
it was very hot (95) and hardly any shade at all.

Bailey tees off

Joseph's turn
Rachel takes her turn
Then we met up with Mallory and Natalie at their hotel to swim.
The pool there had a big slide which the kids all loved.
Mallory went first.
Then Rachel
Followed by Joseph
Bailey too
Natalie loved the slide as long as someone caught her at the bottom

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Bailey - Track 2010

Bailey long jumps at 2nd meet
She came in 7th with a mark of 7' 8"
Bailey shot puts
She game in 3rd with a mark of 15' 3"
Bailey long jumps at the 1st meet
Bailey got the silver in the shot put with 18' 3"
Bailey runs the 200m