Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Natalie Swims Unassisted

Natalie's 7th birthday surprise for us was unassisted swimming
Natalie loves jumping off the deep end and swimming to Mallory
Deep end diving
Or maybe belly flopping
Big Splash!!!

Rachel goes off to College

We shipped Rachel off to Ferrum College this year
Rachel was so excited to be moving into her dorm
Her room is in the basement so we moved her stuff in through the window
Rachel's bed & closet
Rachel's room from the doorway

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Natalie's 7th Birthday!

We had a huge pool party with all of Natalie's friends from summer camp.
Natalie's favorite counslers from camp - Andrew & Paul
Natalie loved her cake!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Mud Run 2010

Bailey in large tractor wheel
About 200 9-12 years old ran together
Mr Roboto?
Bailey ran with her best friend Isaiah
There were several large sand hills to climb over
Bailey and Isaiah near the end of the race
Everyone got medals at the end of the race
They rinsed off in the bay after the race
The End

Friday, August 06, 2010

Bailey - Triathlon

AAU Track & Field Junior Olymics Nationals
1st event - high jump (2' 11.5")
2nd event - shot put (16' 3" - no pics)
3rd event - 200m dash (41.67 secs)
Final placement - 42nd

Joseph - Pentathlon

1st event - 100m hurdles (24.05 secs)
2nd event - shot put (23' 8" - no pics)
3rd event - long jump (9' 8")
4th event - high jump (4' 1")

5th event - 1500m race (8.05.55)

Final placement - 28th

Taylor - Heptathlon

1st event - 100m hurdles (20.24 secs)
2nd event - shot put (25'10" - no pics)
3rd event - high jump (4' 7")
4th event - 200m dash (30.34 secs)
5th event - javelin (66' 2")
6th event - long jump (13' 2")
7th event - 800m dash (3.22 secs)
Final placement - 32nd