Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Caught on Film?

Natalie got caught with her hand in a big bag of chips!

Natalie on Bailey

Natalie has been crawling into bed with Bailey during the night.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Rachel!!!

The many faces of Rachel

Rachel turned 15 this week.
Only 6 months until she's eligible for drive - ACK!!!

Fall Softball

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hamming it up!

Waiting to go to school on the first day.
I asked Natalie to stand by the wall so I could take her picture.
She started to make lots of poses.
Backpack on and ready to go.

First Day of School 2007-2008

Mallory is a senior and Rachel is a sophomore.
Bailey is in 2nd grade and Joseph is in 5th grade.Taylor is in 7th grade.
Natalie is all ready for preschool.

More First Day Pictures

Close-ups in the Pool

Taylor (12.5)
Joseph (10)
Bailey (7.5)
Natalie (4)
Natalie got so excited when the kids jumped in the pool.

Last Day of Summer

The kids decided to swim one last time for the summer.
Natalie liked to watch them all jump in at once.
There were goofy jumps.
There was dancing.
There was diving.

High School Volleyball Tournament

The high school volleyball team played in a two day tournament in Richmond on Friday and Saturday. Joe took the girls up Thursday evening and stayed to watch them play on Friday. I drove up Saturday morning and stayed to bring them home. Their team ended up in 7th place out of 16 teams.

Mallory is playing middle again this year.
Look at that height on the block.
Mallory only missed two serves the whole weekend.
Rachel got to warm up, but didn't get to play at all.
The bench warmers got to keep stats for the other players.