Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Joe and I on Father's Day
Grandpa came for dinner too
All of the kids after dinner
Taylor, Mallory, Bailey, Rachel, Natalie and Joseph
Joe got Oreo's from Taylor
Lots of fun was had by all
See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil - 3 of our monkeys

Summer Hair Cuts

Rachel took Noodles to shaved, this is called a Lion's Cut
Her new name is Poodle Cat
Natalie got a summer buzz
Bailey and Natalie show off their shorter hair Bailey up close, may still need some work
Bailey got a summer buzz
Joseph got a summer buzz too, see a theme, everyone is much cooler

Track Videos

Bailey and Taylor participated in a one day track meet on Saturday.

Bailey competed in the shot put, high jump and the 100M dash.

Taylor competed in the shot put, high jump, 200M hurdles and triple jump.

Bailey throwing the Shot Put

Bailey clears 3'2" during the high jump

Taylor clears 4'4" during the high jump

Taylor jumps over 29' in the triple jump

Monday, June 15, 2009

Softball Playoffs

Bailey finally got to play first base
Bailey looks so cool waiting to make the play
Rachel and Taylor came to watch the game
Bailey popped up to the pitcher, but she dropped the ball
Bailey waits for a opportunity to steal second base

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mallory and Natalie

Mallory and Natalie are twins in the sun
Malory and Natalie take some chalk to the ground
Mallory helps Natalie write her name
Mallory's is on top, Natalie's is on botom
Mallory loves to write her own name
This started out as a Q and ended up a pig

Taylor and Mallory

Mallory hates to straighten her own har So Mallory got Taylor to do it for her

Natalie's T-Ball Movies

Natalie actually hits this ball

Natalie has gotten so much better at hitting the ball off the tee

Natalie loves running home and making everyone cheer with her

Great Coaches

Rachel and Mallory got these cool plaques from the head coach
for helping her with the recreation volleyball team
Mallory tries to be taller than Rachel
Rachel proves who is taller
Close-up of the Plaques

First Swim of the Summer

Not quite clear water won't keep the kids away
Natalie was not afraid of the water at all this year
Natalie was even swimming under the water on the first day
Bailey and Natalie had lots of fun in the pool
Bailey takes a dive
Joseph works on his cannonball

Folded in Half

Natalie is so flexible that she often sleeps folded in half like in this photo

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Rachel's Been Sewing

Rachel got a sewing machine for Christmas. She finaly got it out of the box and set up in her room. She found my fabric stash and has been sewing up a storm.
She made this dress for Natalie
She made this purse for herself
She even put a pocket inside the purse
Here's a picture of the first dress on Natalie
Rachel made this skirt for herself without using a pattern
She made another dress for Natalie from a fabric remnant

State Track Meet 2009 - Day One

Taylor and Bailey participated in the 2009 Virginia State track meet
Taylor competed in the high jump. I only got this picture of her warming up. I missed her compete because I was watching Bailey compete in the shot put.
Taylor won the Gold medal with a personal best height of 4'6"
Bailey warms up with her 6 lb shot put
Bailey's age group competed with a 4 lb shot put.
She won the Bronze medal with a distance of 14'4".
Bailey also competed in the long jump
This is not her best event, but she likes it better than running
Bailey tied for 7th, with a jump of 7'1"
Grampa came along for both days and was a great cheerleader

State Track Meet 2009 - Day Two

Bailey competed in the high jump
She cleared 3' on her first attempt
Bailey knocked the bar off on her 1st attempt at 3'2"
Bailey cleared 3'2" on her second attempt
Bailey knocked the bar off with her hand on this attempt at 3'4"
Bailey did not clear this height, she won the Gold by clearing 3'2"
Taylor competed in the long jump today
Up, up and away
It looks like Taylor hit the ground very hard! She placed 5th
This picture was taken during the 200M hurdles
Taylor won the Gold medal in the 200M hurdles
Later in the day, Taylor ran in the 100M hurdles
Look at her front leg extension
Taylor also won the Gold medal in the 100M hurdles