Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Bailey in Mid Air

I caught Bailey in the middle of a jump. She looks like she stuck her finger in a light socket. Posted by Picasa

Goofing Around

Mallory goofing around with Bailey and Natalie. Posted by Picasa

Helping or Not?

Was Natalie helping Rachel clear the dinner dishes off the table or just clearing the dishes? Posted by Picasa

Natalie sits in the sink

Bailey and I caught Natalie sitting in the bathroom sink. She climbed up on the toilet to get into the sink. Posted by Picasa

Daddy helps Natalie get down

Daddy helps Natalie get down from the bathroom sink. Posted by Picasa

Off and Running

Off and running after being rescued from the sink. Posted by Picasa

Sponge Bob?

What's up with Sponge Bob? Posted by Picasa

Learning to Type

Where is the N? Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Group Hug!

Bailey, Natalie & Joseph. Posted by Picasa

Pig Pile on Mallory

Somehow Mallory ended up on the bottom of the pile. Posted by Picasa

The Calm after the Storm

Mallory says "Whew!!!" Posted by Picasa

Bad Hair Day?

Rachel spent some of the day either curling or straightening her hair. Here she was curling it. Doesn't it look nice? Posted by Picasa

Rocking Horse Kid

Natalie finally likes to ride on this rocking horse. Posted by Picasa

Helping with Dinner

The older girls all helped me with cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year. Here, Taylor is chopping celery and Mallory is cutting apples for the stuffing. Mallory also helped to get the turkey seasoned, into the bag and into the oven. Posted by Picasa

Rachel helped too

Rachel is cooking the onions and celery for the stuffing. She also peeled most of a 5 lb. bag of potatoes by herself because Taylor cut her finger on the first one she tried to do. Posted by Picasa

Ready to Eat?

Natalie found the bag of apples that Mallory didn't put away. Natalie ate at least half of this apple. Who said you need all your front teeth to eat an apple? Natalie has four teeth on the top, but still only has two teeth on the bottom. It's been at least 4-5 months she she's gotten any new teeth. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Taylor's New Haircut

Taylor wants long hair but doesn't want to brush it, so she got it cut shoulder length. It needs to be long enough to still but up when she has a gymnastics meet.

Going, going?

I saw Natalie sitting the bathroom sink so I was going to take a picture. But by the time I got there she was trying to get down.


By the time I got to her, she was already on the ground. She was kind of shocked when she hit the floor, but did not even whimper a tiny bit.

Self Dressing

This is what you get when a 2 year old decides to put her shirt back on after she's in her PJs all ready for bed. It's took her about 2-3 minutes to get her head through the neck hole, but she never gave up.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bonding Moment

I thought that this was a nice picture of Rachel and Bailey.

Got Milk?

I've been teaching Natalie the sign for milk to use when she wants to nurse. Last night she used it without prompting for the first time. Woo hoo!!!

Wet kiss?

Mallory got one of Natalie famous tongue kisses!

Cooking or Cleaning?

Was Natalie helping Rachel cook or clean?

Rachel in Wonderland

Too big, too big! I wonder which side of the mushroom makes me grow smaller.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Taylor's New PJs

Where did she get that marker?

We only turned around for a few minutes.

My Little Model

Bailey shows off this fleece pullover that I made for Rachel. Mallory took everyone but Rachel (she's grounded) to the mall to give me a break. I was able to get this pullover cut out and sewed together while they were gone. I rarely get a project done in one sitting like that. Thanks Mallory!

Rachel's New Hat

This picture was taken of Rachel by Rachel. She does this a lot.

Taken from Above

Natalie and Mallory

Natalie and Friends at School

Rachel's New PJs

Sunday, November 20, 2005

What Do I Hear?

Daddy listens to this thing all the time. What's so interesting? Posted by Picasa