Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy 6th Birthday!

Bailey had her party today at everyone's favorite party place. Posted by Picasa

Airhead or Not?

NOT! It took Bailey took three puffs to blow out all six candles. Posted by Picasa

Big Birthday Hug

Bailey gets a birthday hug from Chuck E Cheese. Posted by Picasa

Natalie Dances

Natalie joined right in with the birthday singers and dancers. Posted by Picasa

Adult Table

This table was across the room from the party table where it was quieter. Posted by Picasa

Happy Birthday Joe!!!

Joe cuts the cake that Taylor made. His big gift was a new computer that he got last weekend. Posted by Picasa

Taylor made the Cake

Taylor had to taste the cake first because she made it. After her reaction, no one else wanted to eat it. Just kidding, the cake was great. Good job Taylor! Posted by Picasa

Next Gymnast?

Natalie does a summersault. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Birthday Filled Weekend

Today would have been my mother's 69th birthday. We miss you Mom!

Saturday is Joe's birthday and Sunday is Bailey's 6th birthday. Bailey was born the day after Joe's 45th birthday, you do the math. I have to work BINGO on Saturday from 10:30 - 6:00, so we'll be celebrating Joe's birthday Saturday night after dinner. He got his big gift last weekend when his computer died and I gave him a new one. Bailey's party will be Sunday at Chuck E Cheese's, woo hoo!!!


Mallory will be at the HS from 12:00 - 9:00 on Saturday. The HS band is sponsoring a dance-a-thon to raise money for the band trip to New York City this spring.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I've been framed!!!

Looks like Natalie decided to help Joe redecorate the house by adding some more color to this wall. Natalie says "I don't think that the marks on the wall were made with the same pen as the marks on my arm". Do you? Posted by Picasa

One 1st Place Event

Taylor came in 1st on the vault with a very impressive 9.75. This score was the highest of all gymnastics at her level that day. Posted by Picasa

One 2nd Place Event

Taylor came in 2nd place on the beam with a 9.35 Posted by Picasa

One 3rd Place Event

Taylor came in 3rd on the uneven bars with a 9.0 Posted by Picasa

3rd Place All Around

Taylor did not place with her floor routine. She has a great back handspring as you can see here, but needs to work on her splits. Over all she had a great day and continues to improve with each meet. Posted by Picasa

Tae Kwon Do Team Try-Outs

Joseph tried out for the competetive team at the Tae Kwon Do Academy where he's been going this the end of July. This match was part of a tournament they had at the end of two days of training. Joseph had a good time spending two nights at the center with about 30 other kids. Posted by Picasa

Congradulations Joseph!!!

Joseph had to wait for two days for the results of the try-outs. He made one of the three teams that the academy puts together. He will train for a couple of months before competing in his first tournament in April. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bathroom - Final Phase

Joe finished the bathroom today. Here you can see part of the new toilet, towel ring and toilet paper holder. Posted by Picasa

It's my Potty ...

Check out our new downstairs potty! Posted by Picasa

Natalie and the Potty

Natalie admires the new toilet. Soon it will be time to teach her how to use it. I am not looking forward to that. I hate the potty training phase. Posted by Picasa

Bathroom Border

Joe got the bathroom border up today. He does not think that it goes with the paint job. What do you think? Posted by Picasa

What's she saying?

Natalie "talks" all the time now. Here she was telling me what she thought of the finished bathroom. Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 16, 2006


Two days ago it was in the low 70's. Where did this snow storm come from? Brrrr! Posted by Picasa

Talk about being underdressed

Looks like Rachel was dressed for the low 70's rather than the low 30's. Posted by Picasa

Natalie loved the Snow

Natalie got to check out the snow this morning. She seemed to like it. Posted by Picasa

Big and Small

Mallory played in the snow with Natalie and Bailey. Posted by Picasa

Making Snowballs

Who do we think was Bailey's target for her snowball? Posted by Picasa